Allison is very deserving of this award as she exhibits all qualities of the all-around student at Lakeside High School.

Allison was a struggling student as a young girl, but it was her diagnosis of dyslexia that propelled her into a whole new world of learning and allowed her to become the successful student and confident young woman that she is today. She qualified for the gifted program in middle school, while her grades soared. By the time Allison entered Lakeside High School she looked at her dyslexia as a strength rather than a weakness. She had perfected her time management skills and her study habits in order to excel as a student. Not only has dyslexia affected her academics, it has also affected the way she reads music. And music is a very important part of Allison’s life! She is a life-long piano student and a three-year oboe student, along with playing in the Lakeside Marching Band and Symphonic Band. As a college student, Allison plans to continue her love of music by playing in ensembles.

During her four years at Lakeside, Allison was involved in numerous academic, sports, arts and service activities. She was a member of the Beta Club (9th – 12th), the National Honor Society (11th, 12th) and was an AP Scholar (11th). She was also in the Tri-M music honor society (11th, 12th) and as a member of the Swim Team (9th – 12th) she received an Academic All-American Award (12th). Allison also placed in the Dekalb County Science Fair(10th), participated as a contestant in Miss Lakeside (12th) and was Swim Team Captain her senior year.

Outside of Lakeside High School, Allison was a music student, a member of her church Youth Advisory Board, a volunteer swim and tennis coach, a dedicated volunteer for organizations serving the homeless and a pet sitter for neighbors and friends.

In the fall, Allison will be attending the University of Rochester and plans to pursue her passion for animals and science, as well as her passion for music and community service. She hopes to study animal medicine while continuing to play music; her college choice is one where community service is highly valued as well.

Allison is very happy to have received the Joseph P. Reed Alumni Scholarship and, in her words, “I had no idea – I couldn’t believe it was me”!