Lakeside Foundation Scholarships

Lakeside High School Foundation Scholarship season is open! Deadline to submit application is midnight, March 1, 2024 

Scholarships funded through the Lakeside High School Foundation are listed below.

The Foundation Board is happy to announce there will be three scholarships available this year. Students who qualify for the minimum requirements, may apply for any or all scholarships, but can only be awarded one.  

The Scholarship Review Committee highly recommends starting the application process at the earliest date possible. Applicants are held responsible for ensuring all paperwork is received by the Scholarship Review Committee by the deadline; late or incomplete submissions will NOT be considered.

Visit each scholarship to view the requirements and application instructions.

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The Joseph P. Reed Alumni Scholarship - $1,000Presented in honor of Mr. Joseph P Reed, an exemplary alumnus, winning coach, extraordinary teacher and an admired administrator of Lakeside High School.

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The James “Jimmy Mac” McMahan Scholarship- $1,000Presented in recognition of Jim McMahan’s dedication to Lakeside High School, the community and Dekalb County Schools.

Daniel Gordon Scholarship

The Daniel Gordon Viking Scholarship- $1,000Presented in recognition of Daniel Gordon’s active involvement in Athletics/Sports at Lakeside High School.

Deadline to submit application is midnight, March 1, 2024

If an applicant experiences any difficulty or has questions in regards to the application requirements, they should contact the Review Committee Coordinator.

Lakeside Foundation Scholarship Recipients

In recognition of excellence in Academics, the Arts and Athletics, the Lakeside High School Foundation is proud to recognize the following scholarship recipients. Scholarship(s) are awarded to a graduating senior(s) of Lakeside High School who have demonstrated an all-around involvement during their tenure at Lakeside. 

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