Thanks to the generosity of the Lakeside Community and local businesses, the Lakeside Foundation fulfilled grant requests to support professional development, athletics, and performing arts this Spring.

Four Lakeside Science Teachers attended the Georgia Science Teachers Association Conference in Peachtree City. Their commitment to professional learning will benefit hundreds of students each year. Participants have also committed to sharing their newly-gained expertise with other Lakeside staff.

Another grant supported the purchase of a new electronic score board for the Lakeside Natatorium. This purchase not only supports the Lakeside Swim and Dive Team, but also the other DeKalb County High School Swim and Dive Teams who practice and compete at LHS.

Finally, the Foundation supported the purchase of materials for the Lakeside Drama production of The Little Mermaid. Performances will begin in April, bringing students of all ages and community members together to enjoy live theater for the first time in 2 years. Lakeside Drama productions are a source of pride for participating students and our entire community. Many thanks to all who support the Lakeside Foundation through their generous donations.