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In November 2006, the Lakeside High School Foundation, Inc. announced the formation of a nonprofit corporation and has since received full 501(c)(3) status. At the Foundation Kick-off Dinner, the goals and mission of the Lakeside High School Foundation were presented. This event launched the Inaugural Year Donation Program, an opportunity for all donors of $1,000 or more to be permanently recognized on a bronze plaque to be mounted in the front entrance of LHS. It was with great pleasure and appreciation that the Foundation accepted the first $5,000 donation from community business leader Chuck Smith. The Kick-off Dinner not only raised funds for the Lakeside Foundation, but it also gave the attendees the opportunity to submit their ideas for projects and suggestions. From these submissions, the Foundation noticed a common theme and decided to focus its energy and fundraising efforts to support the staff and students in the areas of Academics, the Arts, Athletics. The Foundation also saw an opportunity to involve Alumni of Lakeside High School as well. The Lakeside High School Foundation provides LHS with teacher grants, student scholarships, physical plant improvements and educational enhancements. It is working to establish an endowment that will fund projects into the future. But this cannot be done without the continued support of the Lakeside community. If you are not a current donor, we encourage you to become one today!


The Lakeside High School Foundation, Inc., an independent 501(c)(3) corporation, is dedicated to expanding opportunities for students by building and distributing endowments, grants and scholarships to further educational excellence at Lakeside High School – Atlanta, Georgia. 



  • Scholarship Program
  • Physical Plant Improvements


  • Years of Service Recognition
  • Staff Development Grant
  • Teaching Enhancement Grants 


  • Alumni Directory
  • Alumni Recognition Program


How do I get involved with the Foundation?

The Lakeside High School Foundation is always looking for alumni, parents of current students and alumni, Lakeside community businesses and residents, as well as LHS staff and faculty members willing to support these efforts. Contact a Board Member if there is a committee where you would like to offer your energy and time. 

How do I get a project considered by Lakeside High School Foundation? 

The Lakeside High School Foundation is interested in ideas for future projects. Please contact the Foundation with your idea and how LHS would benefit from the project. Please be sure to include with your ideas ways to implement the project and possible financial support for the project. 

Completed Projects 

Coming soon...

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Lakeside High School Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation.